Zvia Or

Ms. Zvia Or heads the PCT department at Dr. D. Graeser Ltd. and is also in charge of foreign associates’ relations.

Zvia is an exceptionally experienced and knowledgeable IP professional, having worked in the field for almost 20 years. From the initial steps as a patent paralegal at one of the biggest IP firms in Israel, through various positions such as head of the renewals department and chief paralegal instructor in leading IP firms, Zvia is considered by many as one of the top IP experts in Israel.

Zvia’s vast experience in various aspects of intellectual property enables her to provide reliable IP services at the highest level both to our clients and to our foreign associates. Keeping a close eye on our clients’ best interest, Zvia diligently monitors our clients’ patent applications worldwide from the initial prosecution stages and up to post-grant renewal stages.

Zvia’s academic background includes a bachelor degree in Education and English Linguistics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and she is fluent in English, Hebrew having also adequate French and German.

Being a certified therapist and diagnostician in the Elbaum Method for the treatment of learning and functional disabilities, Zvia also practices deep tissues massage as well.