Protecting Intellectual Property for Software

Software is a global industry which permeates all aspects of modern technology, from apps on cellular telephones to software operating on free standing computers to embedded firmware in many devices, from automobiles to medical devices. However, software faces a wide variety of IP (intellectual property) challenges, which are different in different countries. For example, it is not possible to obtain a patent on software per se in many countries such as the European Patent Union, yet in many cases work arounds are available that do permit obtaining patent protection for software in some circumstances.

An international strategy for obtaining software patents is important, due to increased international competition. However such a strategy depends upon a detailed analysis of the software invention. For example, is the software intended for a stand-alone computer? Or a mobile telephone? Is it part of firmware? Part of an overall system? Are there more technical aspects to the software and its operation, or is it purely related to a business method?

Graeser Associates International (GAI), an international intellectual property company that provides a wide range of IP services to clients in these markets, helps clients with these challenges. GAI specializes in diverse areas of software technologies, including business methods, embedded software in many technological devices (including medical devices), image analysis and processing, apps for cellular telephones, web-based applications, bioinformatics and others. The company’s expertise is derived from the GAI team’s experience with international software industry clients and also experience as programmers.

GAI assists clients in devising IP strategies that conform to a variety of patent laws and regulations and that are sufficiently flexible to be successful. In particular, GAI:

helps mitigate risks associated with the rapid increase in competition
provides thorough analyses, sophisticated solutions and Freedom to Operate opinions
provides litigation support services, with analysis of potential or actual issues in litigation
GAI's professional staff also has country-specific experience in different business models within the software industry. For example, companies which rely on sales of extensive software systems for their business model have very different IP needs from companies which sell apps for cellular telephones.
GAI keeps current on recent developments in the global software industry, both on the technical and legal fronts, enhancing their ability to provide strategies for clients that address the IP issues affecting their extensions into new countries and markets.