GAI’s consulting process includes initial evaluation and assessment of our client's business strategy and intellectual property strategy and needs. Through integration of these strategies we are able to determine a cost effective intellectual property implementation for building the most effective intellectual property portfolio to leverage our client’s business. This is accomplished in three stages:

1. Initial valuation and assessment
After meeting with the client and discussing the invention in-depth, GAI’s professional team determines the competitive landscape with regard to both business and intellectual property aspects. In order to prepare for potential prosecution, GAI performs a thorough patentability search to determine the extent of novelty and non-obviousness of the invention. GAI then provides a broad view of possible additional intellectual property rights which may leverage the client’s business, including trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, designs, and more.

2. Integrating business and intellectual property strategies
Combining business and intellectual property strategies is an integral part of GAI’s portfolio planning and development. In order to effectively form the IP protection strategy, GAI integrates a complete business and IP SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis, typically based upon a combination of research conducted by GAI and by the client. It is only after reviewing these SWOT results and the patentability search results, along with the client’s business and IP strategy, that GAI is ready to develop an initial solution for the client. Other crucial factors, such as timing of research and development, target markets and locations, distribution, defensibility of IP and client niche in the competitive landscape are taken into consideration for the strategic IP plan.

3. Creating effective, customized IP protection
The final step is drafting highly effective patents that are the result of a continuous consulting process which compares the IP to the results of the SWOT, patentability and other research. The client is also involved in the next stages of filing, prosecution and follow-up, involving monitoring and calibrating the pending applications and patents to the constantly changing needs of the business.

How We Work

Graeser Associates International provides a comprehensive approach to protecting intellectual property and enhancing business operations. This approach involves understanding client business needs and aspirations as well as research on the market and competitive forces which influence the client’s business environment. Effective intellectual property protection is intertwined within the process of achieving "best of breed" business goals.

Graeser Associates International, along with its Israeli affiliate, Dr. D. Graeser Ltd, provide a unique set of services, customized to the client’s business requirements and plans to enter foreign (i.e.–non-home) markets. 

In addition, GAI works with the client from the early stages of idea development through testing and then through the later stages of product marketing. This active communications process ensures complete transparency and client involvement, resulting in maximal optimization of IP protection, minimizing risk and increasing business opportunities. 

GAI’s professionals offer technological and scientific healthcare industry expertise for intellectual property planning and development. Their backgrounds in pharmacology, medical devices, drug design databases, computer-generated drug models, biomedical engineering, medical device development and developmental genetics and biology provide them with the technical know-how to provide clients with customized and integrated intellectual property strategies. 

GAI’s International patent law professionals, with deep international experience, help companies obtain the most effective patent strategies for their businesses, in whatever markets they plan to enter.

IP for Business Growth

Graeser Associates International provides services, directly or through international business partners, to help clients build and grow their businesses with a strong intellectual property foundation. By combining big firm experience with small firm nimbleness, GAI uses its expertise in the healthcare industry and IP to build a solid and secure international IP strategy for clients. 

GAI also provides a marketing plan, in conjunction with international partners. This strategic marketing plan is the result of country-by-country analysis of potential market size and quality, regulations and requirements, barriers to market entry, and channel planning and decision making such as importing versus in-country manufacturing. Market trials, testing and feedback from opinion leaders are also included in this strategic marketing plan. 

For the IP plan in each market, GAI analyzes existing intellectual property, not only with regard to impediments, but also with regard to potential purchase of similar IP. GAI determines the most cost-effective, defensible IP strategy in line with the client’s goals and objectives. In each country, GAI works with the client on its market and IP strategy and assists in the various stages of entry through to the successful introduction of the healthcare product. 

A full range of marketing services is provided throughout Europe, Brazil, China and Israel, and IP services are provided in the United States, Europe, Brazil, China, India, Japan, Canada, Australia and Israel.

A Brief Primer for Israeli Technology Companies Navigating the US Healthcare Market: SWOT Analysis:

Technical Expertise

Graeser Associates International’s professionals offer a wealth of education and experience to assist clients in the international healthcare industry with their intellectual property needs. GAI offers IP strategies that optimize clients’ IP portfolios to operate, sell and distribute their products and services internationally. 

Principal and owner of GAI, Dr. D’vorah Graeser, has more than 15 years of experience as a U.S. patent agent. Prior to founding GAI in the United States, she founded Dr. D. Graeser, Ltd, with operations in Israel. Previously, she worked as VP of Intellectual Property at Compugen Ltd., where she integrated intellectual property strategies to fit the overall company strategy. In addition to filing and prosecuting patent applications, she participated in developing licensing strategies and negotiating licenses. 

Her expertise in the healthcare sector is grounded in both her experience and education. Dr. Graeser earned a B.A. degree with honors from Harvard University and received a Ph.D. in pharmacology from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Graeser’s business associates (link) are patent attorneys who also integrate their IP work with clients’ business goals, particularly as they relate to the international market. They have healthcare sector backgrounds in pharmacology, medical devices, drug design databases, computer-generated drug models, biomedical engineering, medical device development and developmental genetics and biology.

GAI’s professionals have the qualifications and credentials to provide high quality, customized and integrated intellectual property strategies to healthcare companies that want to increase business opportunities and minimize risk.