Dr. Michelle Sadeh

Dr. Michelle Sadeh is a Scientific Advisor at Dr. D. Graeser Ltd, with strong background positions in medical and academic institutions.

Dr. Sadeh is an expert as a Strategic planner, which include financial management and Creating a board policies.

Dr. Sadeh is holding Ph.D. Neuropsychology, having many years of clinical, academic and educational interests. During the years, she held an impressive position which includes: Head of Neuropsychology Unit in Schneider Children’s Medical Center, there she provided mainly clinical services with emphasis on research and behavioral change for patients with brain-behavior challenges, and also as a Director, Global Integrative Rehabilitation Program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital where she developed the Global Integrative Rehabilitation Program and supervised the implementation of the model for improving patient and family outcomes.

Dr. Sadeh previous experience also includes a position as headed a neuropsychology unit in a large pediatric hospital, where she trained and mentored students, parents and young professionals in various positions, focusing on diverse clinical treatments combined with clinical research studies.

Dr. Sadeh acting as the member at the Israel Cancer Association there she is also Presenting, facilitating and integrating rehabilitation paradigms for patients with brain tumors. Dr. SADEH is also a member in the research committee evaluating research protocols submitted for funding.

Dr. Sadeh received a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Biology from the Hebrew University; Jerusalem earned her Ph.D. in Neuropsychology from Boston University, USA. Where her thesis was on memory disorders – evaluating the effect prior knowledge has on memory.