“GAI helped Compugen develop a cost-effective IP strategy for therapeutic proteins, including timing, construction of claims and international patent filings. The team was knowledgeable in therapeutic protein IP, anticipated our needs, and provided what was needed for a strong IP strategy.”

--Jeanne Bernstein, Compugen Patent Attorney

“GAI provided Dexcel with patent advice on freedom-to-operate issues in a number of countries, including the United States and Europe. We frequently tap into GAI’s pharmaceutical and intellectual property expertise.”

--Shirly Weiser, Patent attorney for Dexcel Ltd./Dexcel Pharma Technologies Ltd.

“Icecure Medical turns to GAI to act as our patent agent, strategically constructing and reviewing our product patents and comparing them to the patents of the competition. They also provide valuable assistance in helping us with freedom-to-operate issues.”

--Nir Berzak, CTO of Icecure Medical Ltd.

“GAI was instrumental in fulfilling IPU Industries licensing agreements with an external research institution while protecting our own intellectual property. We will continue to call on them for assistance with other IP needs.”

--IPU Industries, Ltd.


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