Scientific Advisors

Dr. Shimon Lecht

Dr. Lecht has a Bachelor degree in Pharmacy (Magna cum laude), MSc (Magna cum laude) and PhD in Pharmacology, all from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Today, Dr. Lecht is a research fellow at School of Biomedical Engineering, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, USA.

The scientific expertise and interests of Dr. Lecht are: i) signal transduction pathways in stem cells; ii) intelligent guidance of stem cells differentiation derived from different origins, in particular towards lung; iii) translational research in the field of pulmonary regenerative medicine; and iv) development and characterization of novel pharmacological models for drug discovery.

During the course of his research activities, Dr. Lecht published numerous research articles, reviews, book chapters and presented his research achievements at tens of scientific congresses in Israel and abroad. Dr. Lecht has participated as a member of scientific meetings organizing committees and chaired discussion panels in Israel and abroad. Dr. Lecht serves as a reviewer in several scientific journals, international research funding agencies and academic institutions. Read More


Dr. Michelle Sadeh

Dr. Michelle Sadeh is a Scientific Advisor at Dr. D. Graeser Ltd, with strong background positions in medical and academic institutions.

Dr. Sadeh is an expert as a Strategic planner, which include financial management and Creating a board policies.

Dr. Sadeh is holding Ph.D. Neuropsychology, having many years of clinical, academic and educational interests. During the years, she held an impressive position which includes: Head of Neuropsychology Unit in Schneider Children’s Medical Center, there she provided mainly clinical services with emphasis on research and behavioral change for patients with brain-behavior challenges, and also as a Director, Global Integrative Rehabilitation Program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital where she developed the Global Integrative Rehabilitation Program and supervised the implementation of the model for improving patient and family outcomes. Read More



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