Medical Device Intellectual Property

Graeser Associates International (GAI) supports the Medical Device Industry, which includes a wide variety of technologies, business models and regulatory requirements, and where innovation has been rapid and competition keen. New treatments and products are rapidly reaching markets in this creative and fast-changing arena. GAI has the expertise and experience in the industry and in intellectual property law to support the niche players in this industry with the same services provided to large companies.

GAI provides a wide range of services that address numerous aspects of IP protection through the medical device life cycle. GAI’s professional team specializes in the diverse fields related to medical devices, including mechanical engineering, software, optics/industrial physics and electronics.

GAI’s expertise is derived from experience with industry clients and the pursuit of academic credentials in medical device-related technologies and development. GAI provides IP expertise, in the development of regulatory, research and development and business strategies in conjunction with IP strategies.

GAI assists clients in devising IP strategies that are sufficiently flexible to be successful, regardless of the transformations taking place in this industry environment. In particular, GAI helps clients mitigate risks associated with the rapid increase in competition in these areas.
GAI also provides thorough analyses, sophisticated solutions and Freedom to Operate opinions, as well as litigation support services, where assistance is provided to clients in the analysis of potential or actual issues in litigation.

GAI's professional staff also has experience in different business models within the medical device industry. For example, business models are different for devices which are intended for in-patient use as opposed to home use, and also for implantable as opposed to external devices.
GAI also advises as to whether associated disposables should be protected separately, and ensures IP protection for disposables marketed and sold separately from the device itself. In addition, the effect of different business models with regard to country-specific IP is considered. , particularly outside the home market.

GAI keeps current on the R&D and recent developments in the medical device industry both on the scientific and legal fronts, while providing strategies for clients that address the IP issues affecting their extensions into new countries and markets.


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