D'vorah Graeser

Dr. D’vorah Graeser, the founder and CEO of Graeser Associates International (GAI), an international healthcare intellectual property firm, has been a U.S. Patent Agent for more than 15 years and has extensive experience and expertise in the biomedical field. Her firm specializes in the preparation, filing and prosecution of medical device, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, bioinformatics and medical software patents. The firm also develops customized intellectual property strategies for companies with interest in selling their ideas and products internationally, primarily in the U.S. Europe, China, Brazil and India. 

Prior to founding GAI in the United States, she founded Dr. D. Graeser, Ltd, in 2000 with operations in Israel, a firm preparing, filing and prosecuting medical device, bio technology, pharmaceutical, bioinformatics and software patents. Read More

Ariel Averbuch

Adv. Ariel Averbuch heads the Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Department at Dr. D. Graeser Ltd, possessing a strong background both in pharmaceutical and legislative matters.

Adv. Averbuch is an Intellectual Property strategist, having hands-on experience with all issues pertaining to IP protection - from the initial stages of filing to late stages of litigating. Mr. Averbuch’s expertise include drafting and worldwide prosecuting patents, trademarks and designs, as well as drafting freedom to operate, infringement and patentability opinions, conducting due diligence analyses, litigating and managing diverse IP portfolios.  Read More

Oz Solomon

Oz Solomon is a patent attorney with more than nine years’ experience in the intellectual property arena. He has been associated with Dr. D. Graeser Ltd. for the past five years where he has contributed to a wide spectrum of intellectual property law, including patents, trademarks, design and intellectual property research. He has successfully written and prosecuted patents in a variety of different healthcare technology fields, including medical devices, mechanical devices, biotechnology, software and green technology. 

Solomon’s previous experience includes four years as head of patent administration for the Israeli and European patent departments at Ehrlich & Partners in Israel. There he also held the position of Manager, Paralegal Department for Israel and Europe, coordinating client intellectual property portfolios, including the preparation, filing and ongoing prosecution of patent applications. He also worked closely with patent attorneys in assessing and developing strategies relating to client portfolios. Read More

Tanya Michaeli

Mrs. Tanya Duek-Michaeli acts as the Chief Paralegal at Dr. D. Graeser Ltd, overseeing the procedures and filing processes within the office, as well as the prosecution progress of applications filed worldwide. An experienced professional, Tanya closely monitors and supervises all matters and pending deadlines of the office, while keeping clients constantly involved and updated with the progress of obtaining their intellectual property rights. Read more

Zvia Or

Ms. Zvia Or heads the PCT department at Dr. D. Graeser Ltd. and is also in charge of foreign associates’ relations.

Zvia is an exceptionally experienced and knowledgeable IP professional, having worked in the field for almost 20 years. From the initial steps as a patent paralegal at one of the biggest IP firms in Israel, through various positions such as head of the renewals department and chief paralegal instructor in leading IP firms, Zvia is considered by many as one of the top IP experts in Israel. Read more

Galia Zaidenberg

Ms. Galia Zaidenberg is the supervising paralegal for the Israeli Department. Her duties include monitoring and overseeing the prosecution of Israeli applications.

Galia is a brilliant paralegal with a unique personal touch which enables her to directly interact with the relevant personnel at the Israeli Patent Office on a daily basis. Being on top of every file, Galia is a reliable professional that knows the status of each pending Israeli application, while making sure our clients get the best service possible. Read more

Sarah Haddad

Sarah Haddad is an office administrative secretary. Her responsibilities include maintaining daily contact with clients and providing administrative assistance to the patent attorneys in the office and other various departments.

We at Dr. Graeser Ltd. are committed to the issue of service and awareness of the routine of the office executives. Under this worldview, we conduct internal and external relations of the firm, while maintaining strict American standards of availability and customer service. Read more


Pauline Shteinfield

Pauline has over 14 years of experience working as a paralegal both in Israel and Australia. She has worked in one of Israel's largest law firms including managing the renewals department in one of the largest IP firms in Israel. Read more


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