Intellectual Property Strategy for Chemistry

A skilled and experienced patent attorney is required to optimize the full Intellectual property potential of an innovative process or formulation in the chemical field. Experience in scientific, IP and business areas are all required to optimize this potential. Concerned with the composition, behavior (or reaction), structure, and properties of matter, as well as the changes it undergoes during chemical reaction, chemistry is a special field with respect to intellectual property protection. This is because the process for constructing a chemically-oriented patent application involves complicated descriptions and patent claims for either the production method or the combination and ratios of the compound itself, adding complexity to the process of drafting and defending patents.

Companies in the field of chemistry have selected Graeser Associates International for both their IP and chemistry expertise and experience. The GAI professional team strategically plans and customizes the correct support for the claimed chemical invention, maximizing IP protection.

GAI’s satisfied clients in the field of chemistry range from small start-ups to big companies, primarily in the specialized fields of synthetic chemistry and formulation chemistry. 

Synthetic Chemistry

Chemical synthesis happens by physical and chemical manipulations, usually involving one or more reactions that are created with compounds known as reagents or reactants. From the initial stages of selection and definition of the reagent or reactant compounds to the final screening of reaction yield produced in the chemical synthesis, Graeser Associates maximizes IP patent protection of synthetic chemistry of organic and inorganic compounds. 

GAI’s team of experts combines extensive knowledge in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry with “hands-on” experience with product synthesis and chemical processes. With GAI, clients also have access to a broad network of scientific advisors who assist clients in broadening the possible scope of protection for synthetic chemistry innovations. With scientific and IP expertise, GAI’s team of professionals effectively defends clients’ products and processes, while avoiding trespassing on the patents of others.

Formulation Chemistry

Formulation chemistry relates to the mixing of compounds which do not react with each other, but have desirable properties as a mixture. The products of these mixtures include paints, varnishes, cosmetics, petroleum products, adhesives, pesticides and many pharmaceutical products. Many innovative formulations are achieved by choosing components for compatibility rather than reactivity.

The patent environment in formulation chemistry is both crowded and difficult to navigate. GAI has the expertise and experience in this environment to effectively draft and defend its clients’ patents and avoid trespassing on the patents of others.


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