Intellectual Property Rights for Biotechnology

With improved IP rights legislation and enforcement worldwide, the healthcare biotechnology industry continues to grow rapidly as the worldwide demand for new protein therapeutics, antibody-based assays and genetic assays expands. Graeser Associates International, an international intellectual property company focused on the numerous aspects of IP protection throughout the biotechnology lifecycle, keeps current on the R&D and recent developments in the global biotechnology industry, both on the scientific and legal fronts.

Providing a wide range of IP services to clients, GAI specializes in biotechnology for healthcare/medical uses. The latter includes therapeutic proteins and antibodies, diagnostics, including antibody-based assays and genetic assays, and drug delivery systems and formulations. The company’s expertise is derived from the GAI team’s experience with international pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry clients and the pursuit of academic credentials in biotechnology-related technologies and development.

GAI assists clients in devising IP strategies that conform to a variety of patent laws and regulations and that are sufficiently flexible to be successful. In particular, GAI:

  • helps mitigate risks associated with the rapid increase in competition
  • provides thorough analyses, sophisticated solutions and Freedom to Operate opinions
  • provides litigation support services, with analysis of potential or actual issues in litigation

GAI's professional staff also has country-specific experience in different business models within the biotechnology industry. For example, companies which rely upon completely proprietary therapeutic proteins and formulations for their business model have very different IP needs from companies entering the area of biogenerics.

GAI’s professional team couples IP and biotechnology experience and expertise to provide strategies for clients that address the IP issues affecting their extension into new countries and markets.


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