IP for Business Growth

Graeser Associates International provides services, directly or through international business partners, to help clients build and grow their businesses with a strong intellectual property foundation. By combining big firm experience with small firm nimbleness, GAI uses its expertise in the healthcare industry and IP to build a solid and secure international IP strategy for clients.

GAI also provides a marketing plan, in conjunction with international partners. This strategic marketing plan is the result of country-by-country analysis of potential market size and quality, regulations and requirements, barriers to market entry, and channel planning and decision making such as importing versus in-country manufacturing. Market trials, testing and feedback from opinion leaders are also included in this strategic marketing plan.

For the IP plan in each market, GAI analyzes existing intellectual property, not only with regard to impediments, but also with regard to potential purchase of similar IP. GAI determines the most cost-effective, defensible IP strategy in line with the client’s goals and objectives. In each country, GAI works with the client on its market and IP strategy and assists in the various stages of entry through to the successful introduction of the healthcare product.

A full range of marketing services is provided throughout Europe, Brazil, China and Israel, and IP services are provided in the United States, Europe, Brazil, China, India, Japan, Canada, Australia and Israel.

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