How We Work

Graeser Associates International provides a comprehensive approach to protecting intellectual property and enhancing business operations. This approach involves understanding client business needs and aspirations as well as research on the market and competitive forces which influence the client’s business environment. Effective intellectual property protection is intertwined within the process of achieving "best of breed" business goals.

What makes us unique

Graeser Associates International, along with its Israeli affiliate, Dr. D. Graeser Ltd, provide a unique set of services, customized to the client’s business requirements and plans to enter foreign (i.e.–non-home) markets.

In addition, GAI works with the client from the early stages of idea development through testing and then through the later stages of product marketing. This active communications process ensures complete transparency and client involvement, resulting in maximal optimization of IP protection, minimizing risk and increasing business opportunities.

GAI’s professionals offer technological and scientific healthcare industry expertise for intellectual property planning and development. Their backgrounds in pharmacology, medical devices, drug design databases, computer-generated drug models, biomedical engineering, medical device development and developmental genetics and biology provide them with the technical know-how to provide clients with customized and integrated intellectual property strategies.

GAI’s International patent law professionals, with deep international experience, help companies obtain the most effective patent strategies for their businesses, in whatever markets they plan to enter.



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