GAI International Presence

With partners and affiliates globally, including a sister company, Dr. D. Graeser Ltd, based in Israel, Graeser Associates International has a strong international presence More than 80% of GAI clients have a majority of their sales outside of their domestic markets and have selected GAI for their international healthcare intellectual property expertise. GAI’s staff offers clients a depth of international experience, derived not only from working in different cultures, but also from speaking four languages and living and studying in six different countries on three continents.

GAI’ professional team appreciates and respects the differences between countries and approaches every project with sensitivity to the laws, culture and methods of doing business in each country. In pursuing an international intellectual property strategy for clients, GAI considers competing demands, from the defensibility of the components of the IP Strategy, to the complexity of business arrangements in each country, to the ability of clients to exploit different types of intellectual property in different countries, to clients’ desired business arrangements internationally (i.e. product import, local manufacture, out-licensing).

Whatever the market, GAI can provide the IP and healthcare industry expertise, along with international experience to help clients compete and thrive.


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