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GAI Mission Statement

To assist client companies in the healthcare industry with internationally-focused, expert, customized, and integrated Intellectual Property (IP) strategies for supporting client business activities across multiple countries.

Message from the CEO

GAI is a service company established to support you, our client, in the pursuit of your international dreams and ambitions. By customizing a coherent, seamless, efficient and internationally oriented intellectual property strategy and portfolio, we help to protect the fruits of your creativity, research and development – the new and innovative products and processes that you invent. Our firm is business-oriented; we understand the practical needs of businesses, both for the short term and for the long term. We seek to integrate your business strategy, including design, research and development, regulatory and marketing requirements, with a strong intellectual property strategy, to support your business and products over the entire product life cycle. 

More than 80% of our clients sell their products primarily outside of their home market. We understand the challenges involved in such a strategy, and provide international intellectual property support to increase the benefits and reduce the drawbacks of a multi-country operating and sales strategy. 

GAI constructs international intellectual property strategies which provide a high return on investment (ROI). We measure ROI, not only with regard to the intellectual property obtained for a given payment, but also with regard to whether the resulting international IP portfolio provides sufficient flexibility and ROI over the life cycle of the product(s) protected.. For example, we verify that the portfolio provides business flexibility to allow your company to exploit both international and domestic opportunities now and in the future. We verify that the portfolio is both strong and readily defensible, given your company's resources and the challenges of judicial and regulatory systems in multiple countries. 

GAI seeks to increase your business opportunities based upon your intellectual property portfolio, while assisting you in minimizing the risk of trespassing on the intellectual property of others, in both the international and domestic environments.

Dr. D’vorah Graeser
Graeser Associates International


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